The Centre for Excellence in Christian Education (CECE) Conference 2015 is opened for registration!

To register for the conference, click here:

CECE Flyer 2015


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Sladen Award Application 2015


The Centre for Excellence in Christian Education (CECE) Sladen award is dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Sladen (1904-1993), a former parishioner of St Johns York Mills (SJYM) who spearheaded children’s ministry and authored seven books for children, three of which are now available through the CECE library: Are You in the Picture? Let Them Worship, and When You Are Sick. Mrs. Sladen led and taught religious education from nursery to post- secondary bible classes. The teachers were organized in teams of three, always with a waiting list. The Children’s Chapel at SJYM was designed and developed by, and later dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Sladen. Spiritual formation and inclusivity are two areas that the conference focuses on. These are also areas that Mrs. Sladen fostered and wrote about. CECE would like to acknowledge her inspiration, support and contributions to Children’s Ministry by dedicating our conference to her and through the presentation of the Sladen Awards in Children’s Ministry.

Sladen Award Application

The Sladen Award honors a Children’s ministry volunteers and acknowledges their service.  Recipients will be selected one from each Episcopal area of the Diocese of Toronto as well as one from outside the Anglican Communion. Leaders are invited to nominate any volunteer (non-paid) Sunday school teacher (children’s minister) demonstrating exceptional performance in children’s ministry. Recipients are selected for their overall achievements. These guidelines are intended to help focus your thinking when completing the nomination form:

  • Is passionate about spiritually nurturing children
  • Exemplifies a love of children and for learning and spiritual growth.
  • Is steadfast in their commitment
  • Has a real heart for kids, working with others, and a growing faith
  • Engages with scripture from the point of view of a child.
  • Models the teachings of Christ.
  • Demonstrates an exceptional ability in working with others.
  • Has had a positive impact upon the children and the church.
  • Cultivates in children a living biblical faith.

If your nominee is selected you will be notified a week before the Conference. Please ensure that s/he attends the conference on Saturday November 7th in order to be presented with their award by Archbishop Colin Johnson. In addition, each recipient will receive a letter for their priest/pastor, the bishop of their area for the Anglican recipients, as well as a modest donation for their church Children’s ministry program.

Applications open: till October 15th

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2014 Making it Easier to Serve Conference Photos


This year’s Leading Children’s Ministry Conference was held on Saturday November 1st.We were able to serve over 100 people in our newly renovated space. We are thankful for all those who worked together to make this year’s conference a success. Special thanks to all our presenters and to the planning team.  Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Sladen Award in Children’s Ministry: Barbara Patterson from Christ Church St. James, Joyce Walton from St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux and Tammy Delahey from St Barnabas.

Next year’s conference, which will be held on November 7, 2015, will feature a keynote address by The Rev’d Stephanie Bowman Douglas who will continue on the theme of faith formation at home and in the church.


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Making it Easier to Serve 2014! LIVE STREAM

Below you can rewind the live stream of today’s conference. Stay tuned in the the next couple of weeks to see more videos of workshops from the talk.


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2014 Conference Schedule for November 1st, 2014

Please click on the link below to view the schedule:

CECE Leading Children’s Ministry Conference Schedule for Plenary & Workshops 2014

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