“Making Faith Stick!” Conference Keynote Announced

The 2014 “Making it Easier to Serve” conference is right around the corner! The registration page is now live and can be viewed here! We also are excited to announce the Keynote session by Janie Robertson.

 Janie RobertsonMaking Faith Stick! Practices that Shape a Child’s Faith

Parents of faith want their children to have faith – is that an obvious statement? At church, the context we sometimes create for our children is the formal learning environment of our school system. But when the Bible pictures faith-building and spiritual growth it uses nurturing words like family, community, Body. It goes beyond transmission of knowledge and talks about life transformation and Christ-likeness. The teachings of Jesus and Biblical realities were not meant to be processed as information but to be experienced. If we’re a parent or a Sunday School teacher, what can we do to help shape a child’s faith and make it stick?

1. Faith formation gives children the chance to encounter God for themselves

  • With their mind, heart and will
  • how might we adapt curriculum content to encourage our children’s unique faith journeys?

2. Faith formation creates the chance for children and their parents to learn together in a learning/life praxis: life experience, reflection and sharing the faith story, living The faith story – repeat!

3. Faith formation provides opportunity for children to live their faith and participate in the ministries and activities of the congregation.   Why we should do that and how we can do that.


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Thank you and farewell Elizabeth! Welcome Chantal!

CECE announces that Elizabeth Achimah has stepped down as animator of thecece.org blog. We are very happy for Elizabeth as she moves on to complete her studies at Wycliffe and focus all her energies there. These good wishes come with great gratitude Elizabeth for all you have done for CECE and children’s ministry. We look forward to hearing from Elizabeth, as she is able, to continue to contribute her ideas through thecece.org blog and our Facebook page. God be with you Elizabeth as you continue your faith journey and bless you as you have been and are a blessing to so many.

CECE announces that Chantal Sathi has agreed to take on the animator position and continue the good work left by Elizabeth. Join us in welcoming Chantal to the group and enter the conversations with her. Look for Chantal’s posts about the upcoming Leading Children’s Ministry Conference, Making It Easier to Serve, on November 1st this year! Thank you Chantal for taking on this challenge. We look forward to working with you!


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Helpful Free Online Tools

I’m discovering so many awesome tools for team management and program development! And free too! So far here is my list:

Trello.com – My new favourite tool! Organize all your tasks under different boards and then move tasks to “in progress” or “done”. Your whole team can do this if you give them admin super powers! You can create notes, see what everyone is doing, upload files and so much more.

my-roster.com – Scheduling tool. You can create different shifts, have email reminders automatically go out, have staff/volunteers request shift changes

Doodle.com – easy way to schedule your meetings! You put in the times that work for you and then your team members can simply check which times work.

Twitter – So I was a twitter skeptic and I’ve now been converted. It is a great way to connect with other organizations that are involved with kids/youth and parents. You can then tag these organizations in your posts and they will often retweet anything that they find interesting. I recommend that you create a list of handles and hashtags that are relevant to your ministry and keep it handy.

Dropbox.com An online backup system that can be accessed by your whole team

Google Docs – for basic word processing and other MS word-like programs I now use Google docs as it automatically saves everything that I am doing and I never have to worry about it being lost! you can share these documents easily too.

Offerpop.com – this is a tool for increasing likes on facebook and collecting email addresses. You need to have some sort of contest but your first trial is free.

SurveyMonkey.com This is a great and easy tool to gather quick survey information. You can receive feedback on an event or training, ask questions and get advice – and it’s anonymous.

Are there any tools that you use that we haven’t named? Let us know!


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Job opening at Northlea United Church

Cool Church Coordinator ~ Northlea United Church


Our ideal candidate is a fun, energetic, independent, self-starter with experience caring for children. The Cool Church Coordinator will be responsible for planning, leading and teaching a Christian children’s program that emphasizes relationship, spiritual practice (e.g. prayer), community, values, and biblical learning. An average of 8-10 hours per week is required throughout the Sunday School season which runs from September to June. Sunday morning attendance is mandatory. Hourly salary in the range of $25 – $30 (depending on qualifications).


  • Coordinate, support, and be included in the Cool Church teaching team including training of parent volunteers, from September 2014 – June 2015
  • Meet routinely with the Children and Youth and Cool Church team (including the Minister and Music Director) to plan, discuss, and evaluate the Cool Church and overall children and youth participation in the life of the Northlea congregation across the full range of ages
  • In consultation with the Children and Youth and Cool Church team, choose (and as necessary) order curriculum and supplies
  • Organize and decorate the area of the classroom where the Cool Church children, youth, and nursery groups meet
  • Assist determining, planning and implementing community outreach initiatives for children and youth in the neighbourhood
  • Be regular in attendance
  • Attend relevant staff and committee meetings
  • Build rapport with the congregation by attending coffee hour following Sunday service, taking the time to connect with family members before and after children or youth events and at congregational events so far as possible
  • Arrange for children’s activities, as needed during congregational events, including holidays
  • Provide a safe environment where children feel welcome and spiritually supported
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with parents about the programme


  • Demonstrates a love of children, a lively knowledge of and commitment to the Christian faith and community values, a strong liberal/progressive theological grounding
  • Teacher/educational qualifications an asset
  • Experienced in designing and delivering programs and activities suitable to children and youth in a church setting
  • Enthusiastic in finding creative and relevant ways to inspire our young people to learn about and live out their faith
  • Able to motivate, support and encourage others to share time, energy an creativity as volunteers

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Job Opening for Child and Youth Minister at St. Olave’s

St. Olave’s is looking for a Child & Youth Minister (part-time)

360 Windermere (just south of Bloor, between Jane and Runnymede)

Do you want to teach young people how to navigate the world through the love of God and the teachings of Jesus? We are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic leader to join our clergy team as

Child & Youth Minister (approx. 8 – 10 hours/week on average, for 40 weeks a year).

- Experience teaching young people in a church or Christ-centred setting

- Knowledge and experience in Anglican ministry (familiarity with the Book of Common Prayer an asset)

- Theological training

- Excellent communication skills

- Experience in recruiting and managing a core of volunteer assistants

If you are someone who is looking to make a difference in the lives of young families and has some good ideas of how to do it, please take the time to check out a more detailed job description on our website at www.stolaves.ca. Interested applicants are asked to please send a cover letter and resumé to the incumbent, the Rev. David Burrows, at davidburrows3@hotmail.com.


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